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Data and news published in this Section (hereinafter Investor Relations) are made available exclusively to inform the public and do not in any way constitute an invitation to invest, or the promotion or offer of any type of financial instrument or investment service or banking /financial /insurance product/service.

Without prejudice to the content and the effects of regulatory reporting required by law, Banco Popolare shall take care that the information published in Investor Relations be as much as possible reliable, correct, accurate and regularly updated, however it may not be held responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the content of such information.

Before performing any type of transaction based on information directly or indirectly obtained through Investor Relations, users are recommended to contact their bank or other authorized financial broker to verify the comprehensiveness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of said information and to acquire any further element necessary to adequately assess the associated risk and the appropriateness of the investment based on the investment goals, the risk propensity and the personal financial conditions of the user.

The information published in Investor Relations is prepared by internal sources, it is reported in good faith based on available data, and it is susceptible of changes, even without prior notice, at any time after the publication.

Banco Popolare also disclaims any liability for any damages caused by interruptions, suspensions, delays or dysfunctions in the provision of Investor Relations services due to power, phone or Internet outages, or to strikes or any other cause beyond the control of Banco Popolare.

Copyright of the content of the Investor Relations section is owned by Banco Popolare and no prior permission is required to copy it on any format, reproduce it and use it for personal use only, provided the information source is expressly acknowledged.

For any further information or clarification, please refer to the contacts indicated under “Contacts” in the Investor Relations section.