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The Fundations


The bond between people, families and local businesses is fundamental to us.

Each area has different and specific needs. We are able to meet these requirements also thanks to our Foundations.

Every year we allocate significant resources to support our local communities. In 2014, we devolved almost 5 million euro to charity activities, 32% of which was dedicated to social and solidarity projects, 29% to promoting culture, 14.4% to protecting artistic and architectural heritage, 10.2% to healthcare, 10% to providing support for education and 3.9% to sport. The Foundations strengthen the bond between the bank and the local community and represent a driving force for the common good. Our “people’s” nature preserves and reinforces the original spirit of service and common ground between members, leading to social accountability and a genuine bond with “our people”.

The Banca Popolare di Lodi Foundation, the Banca Popolare di Novara Foundation for the territory, the Credito Bergamasco Foundation, the S.Geminiano e S.Prospero Cult Foundation and the Zanotto Foundation in Verona play this important role in supporting the local community alongside Banco itself.