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Social Responsibility

Each year the Group reinvests and redistributes part of the wealth it generates to the community. Its commitment to the community, meaning the set of economic, social and cultural activities of society and local institutions, is an integral part of its mission and is demonstrated in a number of different ways.

First and foremost, through the banking services provided on a daily basis to its customers and its support of local business initiatives. For thousands of families, this also means a secure job, which in turn generates wealth and growth for the local community.

Furthermore, the Group’s territorial focus is also demonstrated by its economic and financial participation in companies and bodies that play an important role at local level. The Group does this because to be socially responsible, a bank also has to know and respect the network of relationships of its stakeholders by encouraging the development of infrastructures, local production economies, and community and cultural life. Furthermore, Banco Popolare provides support for initiatives to encourage social solidarity and education, the safeguarding of artistic and architectural heritage, and the promotion of culture and sport.

The latter activities are sponsored by through Foundations and directly.