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Our vocation

Our business focuses above all on households, professionals, traders, artisans and small and medium enterprises. We currently work with over 2,000 suppliers mostly located in areas where the Group has its traditional roots, selected with the assistance of the sales network.

We have developed strong territorial roots in regions where production output is highest. Our efforts are mainly focused on traditional banking activities. Our multichannel approach means that Customers can manage their own banking needs through their computers, tablets, smartphones, telephones and ATMs, with the remote support of their branch.

We are engaged in all of the main activities in the credit and financial sector, at the service of our Customers, whose advice and opinions on how to improve our operations are always welcome, every day.

On several occasions, we have intervened to provide assistance to families and businesses that have been affected by natural disasters, by making new loans available to them immediately, to help them overcome a difficult situation or at times a calamity that has hit our local communities.