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Bondholder Meetings

Latest update: 27.12.2011

Please note that some of these materials are available in Italian.

Bondholder Meeting, 16 December 2011

Verbale di assemblea (.pdf - 2.3 MB)
Rendiconto sintetico delle votazioni (.pdf - 24.4 KB)
Vote expressed as promoter of the voting proxy solicitation for the bondholder meeting (.pdf - 114.8 KB)
Bondholder Meeting approves changes to the Terms and Conditions of the SMCN (.pdf - 136.0 KB)
Avviso di sollecitazione di deleghe promossa dal Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa (.pdf - 23.1 KB)
Proxy solicitation statement (.pdf - 262.5 KB)
Supplement to the proxy solicitation statement (.pdf - 172.0 KB)
Proxy solicitation form (.pdf - 116.2 KB)
Notice to convene (.pdf - 51.6 KB)
Explanatory report of the Management Board of Banco Popolare - Società Cooperativa for the Bondholder Meeting of the holders of Banco Popolare 2010/2014 4,75% convertibile in azioni con facoltà di rimborso in azioni- ISIN 0004584659 Notes (.pdf - 184.8 KB)
Notice pursuant to art. 13 Lgs.D. 196/2003
When handling personal data to identify and contact the Note-holders, to help them complete the voting proxy and to perform all the other duties associated with the bondholder meeting, Proxitalia s.r.l. acts as the Data Processor, to this end designated by Banco Popolare soc. coop.- the Data Controller.

Other documentation

Modulo di delega (.pdf - 209.5 KB)