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Banco Popolare’s IR team welcomes you to the Investor Relations area of its web site dedicated to relations with the financial community, in particular with analysts and institutional investors. This area is purposely created to provide access to and to download useful information about Banco Popolare.

In particular, in this site you will find the Group’s financial statements and highlights, press releases, presentations, stock, dividend and shareholder information as well as an update on the equity analyst coverage and consensus, ratings and the events calendar.

Financial analysts and institutional investors who require further information are invited to contact the IR team. Please refer to Contacts for further information.

Historical information relating to BPVN and BPI are provided in Archive sub-section.

Dissemination and storage of regulated information

For the transmission and storage of Regulated Information, starting from 12 May 2015, Banco Popolare chose to appoint the dissemination system “SDIR-NIS” together with the storage mechanism  “NIS-Storage” managed by BIt Market Services S.p.A., a company of the London Stock Exchange Group, based in P.zza degli Affari no.6, Milan, website

For the storage of Regulated Information between 19 May 2014 and 11 May 2015, Banco Popolare appointed the central storage mechanism called “1Info” – managed by Computershare S.p.A., based in via Lorenzo Mascheroni no. 19, Milan – website To this respect, please note that Banco Popolare availed itself of the same authorized central storage mechanism to store the residual regulated information of the subsidiary Credito Bergamasco S.p.A. between 19 May 2014 and the date of legal effectiveness (1 June 2014) of the merger of the subsidiary into Banco Popolare, as well as the residual regulated information of the subsidiary Banca Italease S.p.A. up until the date of legal effectiveness (16 March 2015) of its merger into Banco Popolare.